Muscle Tears and Strains

Addressing Soft Tissue Injuries - Ligaments, Muscle Strains or Muscle Tears Affecting Pets

It’s great to have a pet who is a bundle of boundless energy most of the day. Their energy is often infectious and can get you into the mood to play around with them. You can tell something’s wrong if your pet has suddenly stopped displaying that level of energy. At Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy in Des Moines, we can help pet owners who are stressed out by that development. Soft tissue injuries may be responsible for those changes in a pets’ behavior. Soft tissue injuries can include muscle strains or ligament injuries.

Muscle Tears and Strains of a dog

What Are the Symptoms of Muscle Sprains and Strains in Pets?

For many pet owners, the biggest challenge of dealing with their animal companion’s soft tissue injuries is simply determining the existence of an injury.

The first sign you may notice is lameness. An injured pet may have difficulty putting weight on their injured leg. You may see them limp instead of walking around like normal. Their level of mobility may also change based on how active they’ve been. Pets with any lameness should have an appointment scheduled with a veterinarian.

How Are Soft Tissue Injuries in Pets Treated?

Rehabilitation is an effective form of treatment for muscle strains and other soft tissue injuries in pets. The non-invasive nature of rehabilitation works well with other traditional forms of treatment such as medication and surgery. Furthermore, therapy can ease them into recovery. The veterinarian can tailor the treatment approach to your pet’s needs and ensure it delivers results. Strengthening your pet’s muscles and ligaments can save them from nagging injuries.

Secure the Expert Treatment Your Pet Deserves

Partner with us at Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy if your pet is dealing with a muscle tear or strain or a soft tissue injury. Call us ahead of time or stop by our Des Moines office to schedule your pet’s treatment.

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