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Dogs are movers! One of the biggest joys of being a dog owner is getting to play with your pup and see it run around and jump in joy. So, it can be understandably devastating when your pet is injured and suffers from mobility issues. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help it live its best life during this time. At Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy, we specialize in assisting pet owners in Des Moines to give their furry friends the best mobility possible.

When it comes to rehabilitative devices like dog splints, dog braces, and dog carts, it is important to ensure they are custom-fitted to your pet. Dogs naturally like to move around a lot, so these items need to be extremely durable yet able to maneuver with ease. In some cases, multiple devices may be used in conjunction with one another to help a dog recover quickly.

Dog Splints

Splints or casts are often required when a dog has a weak limb, fractures or breaks a bone, or when it is otherwise suffering from another serious musculoskeletal issue. Splints are temporary, designed to keep your dog's limbs in a normal walking position to help it move while also stabilizing the affected area to prevent further injuries. It is important to keep splints dry and clean for the duration of their use, as well as prevent your dog from being too active while wearing them.

Dog Braces

Dog braces are used to provide injured canines with leg, wrist, knee, and hip support. They are not as stiff or restrictive as splints. They are most commonly used to help dogs suffering from conditions like hip dysplasia, sprains, limping, and torn ACLs. They may be a temporary or permanent solution.

Dog Carts

Carts may be used in the event of serious, debilitating injuries that may be long-term, temporary, or permanent. In many cases, they are used when the dog has lost the use of its hind legs. While most dogs require a bit of training to use the cart properly and may take some time adjusting to it, the good news is that the majority end up adapting with ease. Many dogs are able to play and run while using their cart.

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