How Does Hydrotherapy for Dogs Work?

How Does Hydrotherapy for Dogs Work?

Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy in Des Moines is proud to offer water therapy for dogs. We offer two types of hydrotherapy – swimming and underwater treadmill therapy. Both forms of therapy are good exercises for your pet which work to build muscles and burn calories. Hydrotherapy is easy to control, and we can change the routine based on your dog’s progress. These factors make hydrotherapy an excellent option for gentle injury rehabilitation and pet surgery recovery.

Hydrotherapy for Dogs in Des Moines

The best rehabilitation program promotes a combination of therapies to help your dog recover. For highly active dogs that hunt or are involved in sports, hydrotherapy is a great way to build stamina and strength. It is very useful for both show dogs and hunting dogs.

Exercising on an underwater treadmill is three times harder than exercising on land. The water is warm and relaxes the muscles. It is useful for pet surgery recovery, injury rehabilitation, and weight loss. This therapy reduces swelling and strengthens the legs. Our therapist will work to introduce your dog to this therapy through positive reinforcement. We use life jackets, and your dog’s feet are always touching the ground. Dogs should not be fed before a session, and those with skin conditions cannot participate.

Swimming is a great activity for dogs that need to lose weight. These swims can be arranged by appointment after a recommendation from our veterinarian.

Hydrotherapy in Des Moines

At Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy, we have years of experience offering pet hydrotherapy services to residents of Des Moines, IA, and the surrounding areas. For more information on injury rehabilitation, pet surgery recovery, or to schedule a hydrotherapy appointment, call us at (515) 635-4293.

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