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It's common for humans to visit chiropractors when struggling with back pain or healing from injuries, but chiropractic care can also benefit pets. If you're interested in dog physical therapy or have been asking yourself questions like "Where can I find a dog chiropractor near me?" reach out to Pawsitive Strides! 

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Pawsitive Strides is an animal hospital in Des Moines, IA, that provides rehabilitation & therapy for animals. If your pet struggles with chronic pain or is healing from an injury, we can help! Instead of wondering, "What's a good animal hospital near me?" make an appointment with us to relieve your pet.

Why Your Pet Should See Our Chiropractor

Chiropractic care can address chronic conditions, help pets recover from injuries, and improve your pet's overall health. At our veterinary rehab center in Des Moines, your pet can get treatment to reduce the risk of future injuries. In addition, you may want to consider chiropractic care or dog physical therapy if your pet exhibits symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty standing after sitting or lying down
  • Shaking or tremors
  • Limps or other issues with mobility
  • Mobility and gait abnormalities or limping
  • Bladder or bowel control issues
  • Increased irritability

You may also want to ask yourself, "Should I bring my pet to a dog chiropractor near me?" if your pet was recently injured or diagnosed with a chronic condition like arthritis. A chiropractor can monitor your pet's condition and minimize symptoms like pain, stiffness, and general discomfort.

Benefits of Rehabilitation & Therapy for Animals

Chiropractic care is a safe and non-invasive way to address various issues affecting pets and improve your pet's overall well-being. During treatment, a chiropractor will closely examine your pet to identify the problems with the musculoskeletal system. The benefits of seeing a pet chiropractor include the following:

  • Immediate Pain Relief: - Unfortunately, pets can't tell their owners when they're in pain. A chiropractor can identify potential sources of discomfort, such as misaligned joints, and take steps to ease that pain.
  • Improved Mobility - Over time, chiropractic care can address issues limiting your pet's mobility, such as joint restrictions.
  • Faster Healing - Many chiropractic treatments can boost circulation and speed up the body's natural healing process, helping your pet recover from injuries faster.

Visit Our Veterinary Rehab Center

Contact Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy if you have concerns about your pet's health. We can provide specialized treatment at our animal hospital in Des Moines. After visiting a chiropractor, you'll have a healthier and happier pet! Call our office at (515) 575-9655 to schedule an appointment.

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