When your pet suffers from an injury or issue that affects its mobility, the right course of action and treatment is our first priority. Our dog rehabilitation is designed to help your furry family members get back to normal or at least improve their mobility. The care from Pawsitive Strides in Des Moines makes it much easier for your pet to get back to normal or at least improve its ability to get around. 



Our facility is geared towards restoring healthy, active function in your pet. We endeavor to do this as quickly as possible without compromising quality or attention to your pet's overall health. We also focus on your pet's range of motion because this is integral to mobility. Restoring the strength of your pet's injured or weakened parts of the body is part of restoring and improving mobility.

 Regardless of your pet's mobility issue, it's essential that once you notice an issue, you search for an animal hospital near me, or a dog chiropractor near me. You need a facility heavily focused on rehabilitation for animals. Our animal hospital in Des Moines is committed to restoring your pet's health and mobility.

Dog Braces

Your dog may need braces as part of its rehabilitation process. Braces provide support for your pet. This support is used to help with your pet's legs, wrists, knees, and hips while they move about and get around. Braces provide key support until your pet can get around without needing them. Braces help dogs and other pets who may suffer from mobility issues, including limping, sprains, hip dysplasia, and torn ACLs.

Braces can either be temporary or permanent solutions for your pet. Braces provide more flexibility in movement and aren't as stiff and rigid as splints. Your vet can determine if braces should be a temporary or permanent solution to your furry family member's mobility issue. Sometimes, observation and healing are the only way to determine if a treatment needs to be temporary or permanent.

Regardless, the main goal is to get your pet back up and moving again so they can enjoy a healthy, active life.

Quality Veterinary Care in Des Moines, IA

If you have questions or concerns about your pets' mobility issues, call Pawsitive Strides at 515-575-9655. We can schedule an evaluation to help determine your pet's issues and put together a proactive plan of action.  

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