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Welcome to Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy, your veterinarian hospital in Des Moines, IA. Our dedicated team is here to provide quality care for your pets, particularly when they are recovering from trauma or surgery. Here, we treat a wide range of conditions to help pets regain their health and vitality.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common condition, particularly among larger dog breeds. It occurs when the hip joint is malformed, leading to degeneration and possible loss of function. Our team uses effective rehabilitation strategies to manage pain and improve mobility.

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia, an abnormal development of the elbow joint in young dogs, can lead to lameness and joint swelling. With specialized rehabilitation, we work to manage this condition, minimizing discomfort, and promoting healthy joint function.

Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative myelopathy, a progressive disease of the spinal cord. Our team focuses on therapeutic exercises to preserve mobility and enhance your pet's quality of life.

Cruciate Injuries (ACL or CCL)

Cruciate injuries, akin to human ACL injuries, can seriously affect your pet's mobility. We offer post-surgery rehabilitation to help facilitate quicker recovery and to help ensure your pet gets back on its paws safely.

Post Fracture Management

Fractures can occur due to trauma or certain health conditions. Our team provides expert care during the recovery period to help your pet regain strength and function.

Neurological Conditions

We can help manage various neurological conditions and leverage techniques to help improve motor function.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can significantly affect your pet's quality of life. We offer strategies for pain management to help bring your pet relief and comfort.


Osteoarthritis can make movement painful for your pet. Our team offers therapy with an aim to ease pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall quality of life.


Maintaining an optimal weight is crucial for your pet's health. We can provide effective weight management solutions, promoting balanced nutrition and appropriate physical activity.

Athletic Injuries

For active pets, athletic injuries are a risk. Our team assists in the recovery process, utilizing rehabilitation strategies tailored to each specific injury.

Get Pet Rehabilitation Care after Surgery or Trauma

At Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation and Therapy, our veterinarian team is here to help your pets recover from trauma, manage chronic conditions, and live their happiest, healthiest lives. If your pet is facing chronic pain conditions, contact us today at (515) 575-9655 to schedule a consultation at our Des Moines, IA, location. Your pet's wellness is our priority at our rehabilitation hospital.

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