Maintaining Your Pet's Healthy Weight

There are many health problems and conditions that can be caused or made worse by a pet holding onto extra weight. Part of pet care is to oversee your pet's diet and exercise for weight management to make sure pets are as healthy as they can be. Veterinarians often want pet owners to take care to help their pets to lose weight for several health reasons. At Pawsitive Strides, our veterinary rehabilitation center in Des Moines, IA, we know how important being at a healthy weight really is.

Your Pet's Diet

Many pet owners are in the habit of giving their pets frequent treats. It may be for helping to train them, or simply because they enjoy them so much. While it can be fun to give a pet tasty treat and see them get excited, this can greatly affect a pet's weight. Veterinarians generally recommend that you go easy on the treats, offering them sparingly. Stick to your pets getting what they need from their daily meal or meals and choose the food well. It is not uncommon for veterinarians to recommend that pets get regularly with no other food given. If your pet is overweight, putting them on a diet of special pet food can help.

Getting Exercise

Every pet needs to get sufficient exercise for weight management. If your pet isn't healthy and has some mobility issues, there are ways to work around those problems and make sure they get the exercise they need. Putting your pet in the water to swim can be good. Taking the time to play with them while using a toy for them to grab can also work well. If your pet is a dog, taking them for a short walk can also help.

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